The Girl Who Gagged
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My name is Nora and I'm just your regular girl. I like watching romantic comedies, taking walks on the beach, eating at nice restaurants with hot guys, and I love to shop! Regardless of being your typical girl, my friends all know me as something very different. They all call me 'The Girl Who Gagged'.

This title sounds pretty uncalled for, but let me explain. One day I was short on some bills and I was laid off of my job (much like everybody else these days). I looked through a paper, and saw an ad for exotic nude modeling, so I gave the number a call. I spoke to a nice man named Duke Skywalker that gave me the details, so I decided to stop by his place. This is where I earned my nickname which I'll never live down!

As I got to the studio, the guys seemed friendly enough and told me what was going to happen. I'd never done anything like this, so I got a bit nervous yet excited at the same time. With the flip of a light switch and the on button of a camera, I had big cocks coming at me from every direction! After some sensual dick sucking, these guys opened my mouth wide and I was deepthroating multiple cocks, as my slobber flowed down my chin. I gagged on the big dicks, and even puked a few times. Sure it sounds unpleasant, but I began to actually enjoy being treated like the whore that I am. After tons of gagging, choking, puking and face fucking, they fucked my ass. I'd never had anal sex, but after I got used to it, the asshole pumping felt amazing! The face-fucking and anal sex made me hot that they cooled me down with a sticky cumshot facial. I'd never had cum on my face before, but I knew this would not be the last time!

So now you see how I earned my nickname as 'The Girl Who Gagged'. Why not see what turned me into a naughty girl that loves rough sex and gagging blowjobs? Check me out at Facial Abuse now!

~XoXo <3 Nora

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